PrecisionFill 10

The PrecisionFill 10 is an automatic rotary filling machine. At ten stations you can fill and seal plastic infusion bags (100 to 3,000 ml) as well as plastic and glass bottles (20 to 1,000 ml) with liquid or paste media automatically. The PrecisionFill 10 is a high-performance machine that can fill around 240 containers with a capacity of 500 ml each per hour. The standard version of this filling machine is designed for 20 mm rubber stoppers and aluminum caps. You can choose between one or two filling stations for your filling operations.

The housing is made of stainless steel, which makes it suitable for use under sterile conditions (in conformity with GMP/FDA standards). Due to its compact size, the PrecisionFill 10 only takes up little space in the cleanroom.

Technical features

1. Versatile

Universal application thanks to exchangeable container and bottle holders. Individual application thanks to exchangeable plates (for PE, PP containers or bottles).

2. Easy-to-clean

 Easy-to-clean housing thanks to smooth surfaces and covers in important areas.

3. Precise dosing

 Dosing of the solution via high-precision mass flow meter unit.  Pinch valve to start and stop filling process.

4. Compact design

 One circular conveyor each for rubber stoppers and aluminum caps. Pneumatically driven rotation unit with safety control.
 Filter for compressed air (0.2 µm) and nitrogen. Pneumatic crimping unit for sealing the caps.

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