Machine engineering management with a vision

The management team of Jouhsen Bundgens, consisting of Dr. Bert Bosserhoff and Dr. Jörg Peter Renz, combine engineering expertise and comprehensive experience. Furthermore, they both stand out for their passion for building machines and their commitment as entrepreneurs. In this interview the two managers answer our questions. 

What are the greatest challenges right now for Jouhsen Bundgens?

Dr. Jörg Peter Renz: We are facing a variety of challenges, such as the great diversity of countries and markets we deliver to. We operate on all continents and serve a variety of industries – from medical equipment to the automotive sector.

Dr. Bert Bosserhoff: We always need to ensure that we will be able to maintain our high quality standards and keep delivering ever more specialized solutions to our customers both now and in future. Offering them expert support in all projects will secure the competitiveness of both our customers and our own company.

What does “being innovative” mean to you and how do you achieve this principle with a comparatively small team?

Dr. Bert Bosserhoff: Innovation is not an end in itself. It is always driven by our aim to make the production processes of our customers even more efficient. We succeed in this because everyone in our team is an expert.

Efficiency is an essential benefit that you promise your customers when using Jouhsen Bundgens machines. How do you ensure the quality and efficiency of your own processes?

Dr. Jörg Peter Renz: Firstly, through our highly qualified staff who take personal responsibility, and secondly through our modern production methods. We are constantly investing in our production, enabling a high level of vertical integration for all quality-sensitive parts.

Today you can find machines made by Jouhsen Bundgens all over the world. What impact does globalization have on your company and what does it mean to your customers?

Dr. Bert Bosserhoff: That is true, our machines can now be found all over the world. We do not have a presence in every country, but our specialists will travel to the customer directly from the parent plant as fast as possible and find a solution at the customer's site.

I know you don’t have a crystal ball, but please tell me how your core markets and your company will develop over the next decade?

Dr. Jörg Peter Renz: Cost pressures are rising in many markets, production needs to be more effective. Our machines already enable efficient production today. But we will not rest on our laurels. We are constantly developing our machines further, so that our customers can keep improving their competitiveness.

What is the greatest source of pleasure in your work for Jouhsen Bundgens?

Dr. Bert Bosserhoff: Our appetite for developing our company further and further is still unbridled. We are constantly investing in the company. This enables us to consolidate our economic success on a long-term basis and to keep serving our customers with cutting-edge solutions both now and in future.

Dr. Jörg Peter Renz: That’s easy: creating clever solutions for our customers to help them succeed. Our team understands the processes and can swiftly turn out suitable and efficient solutions.