Guidelines pave the way to a successful future

Orientation is essential for the road to a successful future. Our company guidelines give us this orientation. They state our economic goals and social objectives and shape the corporate culture of Jouhsen Bundgens.

We focus all our capabilities on wire and tube processing machines, with  filling systems expanding our portfolio.   
We boast great experience and expertise in both these fields, which is why we concentrate on them exclusively.

We focus on customer needs in every area of our company.
Together with our customers, we use our engineering expertise to develop custom solutions for their needs. Our machines also form the basis for special systems. Our deep vertical integration ensures that we can supply customers quickly and reliably, while our fast and excellent customer service is always on hand.   

We secure our success through constant innovation. 
We never stop developing our wire and tube processing machines. Constant investments in our machinery mean that we always work with the latest production technology. This allows us to successfully serve the demand for ever more precise parts, such as in medical engineering or light technology.

We look after our brand and enhance its value.
We have been developing efficient machines for over 150 years and are proud of our history. These machines are so reliable, efficient and powerful that customers keep coming back to the Jouhsen Bundgens brand. The price that we have for our brand is reflected every day in our business. We treat customers and suppliers with respect and present them as equals in all communication channels.

We act economically and value profit over sales.  
Without profit, we would be unable to invest in production, develop new technologies and stay competitive. We must remain a reliable partner to our customers for the long term. Customers must be able to rely on both our machinery and our service at all times. 

We attach great importance to economic independence.  
Remaining independent from larger corporations allows us to take and implement strategic decisions quickly. We keep decision-making paths short and make sure that those decisions are put into action.

We commit to performance, value it, and take responsibility.  
Everyone in our highly qualified team acts with responsibility. We set the highest of quality standards for both our machines and our service.

We communicate with our staff with respect and honesty.  
We aim for long-term cooperation with our expert employees. This also benefits customers, who can rely on consistent contact partners, for example.

We maintain mutually beneficial partnerships with our suppliers.  
Jouhsen Bundgens values long-term supplier relationships based on trust. This constant collaboration is the basis for our success together.

We take account of the environment in our corporate decisions. 
We constantly monitor and improve energy consumption in our company, such as our new energy-efficient production hall. We also pay attention to energy optimization and regulations for our customers, and develop modern machinery to the latest standards.