Precise straightening for thin wire and pipe

Straightening thin wires with a diameter of less than 0.3 mm or thin capillary pipes measuring around 1 mm in diameter is a particular challenge. The thin wire from the spool must not only be straight, but also free of tension. 

Straightening is all about achieving uniform material properties, so that sections behave predictably when they are used to make products. This is the only way to achieve consistently high product quality. Reliable input material is essential given the increasing degree of automation in the production of surgical needles, for example. This is because an automated process can only succeed when the forming material is always identical and in perfect condition. 

Jouhsen-bündgens offers a machine design for rotary straightening that is perfectly suited to straightening very thin components of any length.

  • PrecisionCut UD – excellent straightening results on both long and short sections 

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