PrecisionCut MJR

The PrecisionCut MJR cuts wires and cannula tubes without burrs. Wire is fed into the machine with great precision at a very high speed via a lever with infeed jaws. During the cutting process, the wire or tube is held firmly by a fixed clamping unit. The parts are cut by two pairs of electrodes for a burr-free, straight, and optimum result. Both ends are softly rounded on a material-specific basis.
The machine can cut up to 600 wires or tubes per minute. It can process wire diameters of up to 2 mm and tube diameters from 0.17 to 3 mm with a length of 5 to 3,000 mm or longer.

Technical features

1. Zero-vibration design

Vibration-free design with precision-ground, exchangeable linear guides for tool fitting. The infeed and electro fission systems are cam driven using a split cam design.

2. Flexible during straightening

Straightening is done by a rotating straightener and/or roller straightener.

3. High output

Version also available with loop control for high output.

4. Combined cutting process

Cutting is performed by heating and a simultaneous, mechanical tearing movement.

5. Burr-free end products

Burr-free end products with soft transition from shaft to tip.

6. Enclosed housing

The closed machine housing keeps noise levels low. The machine drive, control and central lubrication are integrated in the machine housing.

Product information

Here you can find the technical data of the PrecisionCut MJR:

PrecisionCut MJRdeenfr

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