Expert for wire processing machinery and filling systems

High-precision machine engineering with decades of experience – that is what Jouhsen Bundgens stands for. The global player successfully focuses on two lines of business: wire processing machines and filling systems.

Thanks to its engineering know-how and sound German expertise Jouhsen Bundgens realises custom-made solutions for many different fields of application with the utmost precision – be it medical equipment, roller bearings or consumer products – our highly qualified team explores and grasps every aspect of the respective processes.

The result: reliable machines tailored to your needs. With these machines you can:

  • Process wires with a diameter of 0.02 to 16 mm
  • Manufacture parts out of wires with a length of 2 mm to infinite
  • Fill bags, bottles and injections with a capacity of 20 to 1,000 ml

You can always expect tailor-made solutions that enable fast, precise and efficient manufacturing.

With Jouhsen Bundgens production boils down to a simple formula: Precision + Speed = Efficiency.