PrecisionForm MJ

Straightening, cutting and cold forming in a single machine – that is possible with the PrecisionForm MJ by Jouhsen Bundgens. Wire is fed into the machine with great precision and at a very high speed via a lever with clamping jaws. Parts are cut by a bushing-on-bushing system and then fixed into position immediately for the cold forming process. With a cross slide and headers, the material is then formed or embossed according to the respective tools.

The PrecisionForm MJ offers an output of up to 600 units per minute. Multi-stage forming processes are possible, e.g. to produce headed pins with three heads and square embossing, and pins with points.

Thanks to the machine's modular design and many options for the tooling units, the PrecisionForm MJ can also bend or machine the parts on one side, and emboss or weld them after the cutting process.

Technical features

1. Zero-vibration design

Vibration-free design with precision-ground linear guides for tool fitting. Infeed and cutting are driven by three cams, using a split cam design.

3. Flexible during straightening

Straightening is done by a rotating straightener and/or a roller straightener.

5. Enclosed housing

 The closed machine housing keeps noise levels low and is easily accessible on all sides.


2. Easy tool changes

Tools can be exchanged quickly and conveniently to adapt to changing wire diameters. Part lengths can also be easily adjusted. The slide unit is completely interchangeable.

4. Multi-stage processes possible

Optionally, a unit for grinding headed pins can be added. For wire diameters of 0.5 to 2.3 mm and lengths of 5 to 50 mm.

Product information

Here you can find the technical data of the PrecisionForm MJ:

PrecisionForm MJdeenfr

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