Fast and precise wire and tube processing

Everyday life without wire and tube products would be unthinkable. Although you may be unaware of them, they play a decisive role in many industries. From axles and shafts for car parts and battery pins to cannulae and sensitive wires just a hair’s width in diameter, wire and tube components must meet a variety of requirements.
For over 150 years, Jouhsen Bundgens has been supplying wire processing machines for all component needs for customers all over the world. As a leading global specialist for rotary straightening, we work with our customers in Europe, America and Asia to develop solutions for all kinds of processes. 

The tool unit - the heart of the system

We are constantly developing our machines so that you always get the most technologically advanced solution possible. They have proven their worth thousands of times over. Stable, robust machine engineering for today's requirements: modern, precise and efficient. Today millions of wire and tube cut-offs obtain a characteristic and functional shape every minute thanks to our machines.
There is a lot you can do with wire: straighten, cut, compress, bend, machine, grind, emboss, stamp, weld, and much more. The heart of all Jouhsen Bundgens machines is the tooling unit. Tried and tested thousands of times, it is developed and tailored individually to your application. By focusing on your product – the core process – we develop and build individual machines. Machines you can use to process even the thinnest wires and tubes with great precision and at an extremely high speed.

Sterile and flexible filling for bags and bottles

Alongside our wire processing machines, we produce systems for filling medicine and infusion solutions. We use our engineering expertise to adapt them to the respective needs to create the most efficient solution possible.

Precision + Speed = Efficiency. 

The precision and speed of our machines ensure a highly efficient and stable production process. This enables you to manufacture on the highest quality level with low unit costs. In addition, we are very familiar with validation certificates or FMEAs for your new machines.