The right solution for each application

From airbag pins, roller bearings and drive chains through cannulae and lancets up to batteries and infusion bags, Jouhsen Bundgens produces machines that are individually adapted and built to meet your application requirements. With our machines, you can straighten, cut, emboss, form, grind and/or bend shafts, lamp parts, chain pins, brass pins, blanks for needle roller bearings or dental drill bits. They can process wires or tubes with a diameter of 0.02 to 16 mm and a length of 2 to 6,000 mm or longer with great precision and at an ultra-fast speed.

In addition, Jouhsen Bundgens offers high-performance filling systems. With the automatic and semi-automatic systems, you can fill and seal bags and bottles with a volume of 20 to 5,000 ml for infusion solutions and medication. 

Be it wire or tube processing machines or filling systems, machines from Jouhsen Bundgens ensure a highly efficient production process. Due to our great technical know-how and decades of experience we can develop the right solution together with you that is tailored your specific requirements. We can also integrate these processes into an automated procedure if necessary.