Filling of pharmaceutical products

Filling systems from Jouhsen Bundgens let you fill and seal bags and bottles for medical applications in a single work step. All of our filling systems are GMP and FDA compliant. They therefore meet the high requirements for cleanroom processes, allowing you to fill and seal under sterile conditions. Jouhsen Bundgens filling systems can be used to fill bottles with a volume of 20 to 1,000 ml, or bags with a volume of 100 to 5,000 ml. The filling systems have 10 or 16 stations. Up to four filling stations are possible depending on the required process speed.

Another major advantage of filling systems from Jouhsen Bundgens is their compactness. They take up very little space in the cleanroom. The machines are also flexible and can be adjusted to the height, size and sealing system of the various containers.

We can also produce custom designs tailored precisely to your specific challenges. From the number of stations and adaptation to special bottles or containers to the feed and discharge systems that hold the parts, we can adapt the filling systems to your requirements. We would also be happy to manage IQ/OQ qualification for your machine, including full documentation.

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Our machines for filling pharmaceutical products