Efficient point grinding systems

  • 22. Juni 2022

PrecisionGrind PG3 and PG11 for grinding short needle sections..

Quick grinding for short wire sections
“Even proven conventional point grinding machines struggle to process sections measuring less than 35 mm in length,” explains Managing Director Dr. Peter Renz. As a result, shorter needles were previously shortened to the required length. Help is now at hand with the PG3 and PG11 needle grinding machines, designed to process sections from 20 mm in length and between 0.25 and 2.50 mm in diameter.

Saving time, material and workload
The short blanks are separated from the magazine by a grooved transport wheel before being positioned. A transport unit then coveys them along the grind stone. Renz says: “This special design feature is what enables a shorter passage of the needles over the grind stone.” Customers who use the PG3 or PG11 for point grinding on short sections therefore save both time and material. Both needle grinding machines use a magazine system to convey the parts to and from the grinder. This process is automatic and requires no operating personnel. The only manual process is the replacement of the magazine. This reduces staff workload, therefore making the point grinding process more profitable.

Precisely adjustable grinding process 
Both machines make it possible to grind concentric point shapes (convex, concave or straight) on sections of varying diameter. The length and shape of the points, along with the machine’s output, can be set precisely via motorized adjustments in the x, y and z axes. The PG3 and PG11 needle grinding machines are suitable for a wide range of products. Typical examples include needles used in the medical sector. But they also include everything from fishing hooks to points for perforating thin films or sheets for lithium-ion batteries.

Flexible and reliable solution
These two point grinding machines are an efficient solution for any applications that involve short needles measuring between 20 and 80 mm in length. Lengths of up to 140 mm are also possible, depending on the point shape. Thanks to an enclosed machine housing, they are protected and easy to access from all sides. The drive and electronics are also integrated.