PrecisionCut UD

PrecisionCut UD is the comprehensive engineering series with a trusted and robust machine concept. It provides good straightening results also for longer cut-offs. The series includes models for extremely thin wire diameters of 0.05 mm, extremely thick diameters of 16 mm, extremely long parts from 5 to 6,000 mm or longer. In addition, high-speed versions with an output of up to 2,000 units per minute are available.

The design concept of the series is based on a stable cast body. The wire is fed by a clamping slide, which is accurately driven by a camshaft, resulting in the ability to meet very tight length tolerances. A good straightening result is achieved due to the "on-the-fly" positioning of the cutting system on a clamping slide which transports the wire.

Technical features

  • The wire infeed is cam driven. Clamping and cutting are operated by a curve system.
  • Continuous wire infeed and "on-the-fly" or fixed cutting system depending on model.
  • The speed, cutting ratio and number of units are programmable via the on-board PLC.
  • Straightening is effected either by a rotating straightener and/or roller straightener.
  • Models for working smaller wire diameters feature a closed machine housing that keeps noise levels low and is easily accessible on all sides. Machine drive, electronics and central lubrication are integrated in the machine housing. Machines for working larger wire diameters feature a noise-suppressing cover.
  • Special-purpose versions, e.g. for cutting tungsten at high temperatures or nails, are available on demand.

 For technical data of the various models of the PrecisionCut UD series please consult the product information:

PrecisionCut UD


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