PrecisionCut MJC

PrecisionCut MJC is the series that offers a high output for short cut-offs. Wire is fed into the machine with great precision at a very high speed via a lever with infeed jaws. During the cutting process the wire is held firmly by a fixed clamping unit with clamping jaws. Parts are cut by a bushing on bushing cutting system, providing a burr-free and straight cut.

The machines of this series are optimised for short lengths and a high output of up to 800 units per minute. The tried and tested machine elements such as high-precision guides and the drive shaft are easily accessible and mounted on a cast steel plate, ensuring easy adjustment and maintenance.

Technical features

  • Vibration-free design with precision ground, exchangeable linear guides for tool fitting. Infeed and cutting systems are cam driven using a split cam design.
  • Tools can be exchanged fast and conveniently for changing wire diameters. Part lengths can also be easily adjusted.
  • Straightening is effected either by a rotating straightener or roller straightener.
  • The closed machine housing keeps noise levels low and is easily accessible on all sides. Drive, electronics and central lubrication are integrated in the machine housing.
  • Special-purpose versions on demand.

 For technical data of the PrecisionCut MJC3, MJC6, MJC6-2 and MJC9 please consult the product information:

PrecisionCut MJC


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