PrecisionShape MJE

The PrecisionShape MJE replaces conventional lathes and far exceeds them in speed. A lever system feeds the wire into the machine with great precision at a very high speed. The parts are cut by a bushing on bushing unit, after which they are conveyed to a transport plate, aligned and transported to the machining unit.

The machine can work both ends of the part simultaneously, achieving an output of up to 400 units per minute. The PrecisionShape MJE is suitable for wire diameters of 1 to 3 mm.

Technical features

  • Vibration-free design with precision ground linear guides for tool fitting. Infeed, cutting and machining are driven by three cams, using a split cam design.
  • Tight concentricity thanks to high-precision spindles.
  • The tools and transport plate can be exchanged to adapt to changing wire diameters.
  • Straightening can be performed by a rotating straightener and/or roller straightener.
  • The closed machine housing keeps noise levels low and is easily accessible on all sides. Machine drive, electronics and central lubrication are integrated in the machine housing.

For technical data of the PrecisionShape MJE please consult the product information:

PrecisionShape MJE


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