Sterile and flexible filling systems

For example, hospital dispensaries and contract fillers, who fill medication or infusion solutions into bags, bottles or syringes, need pharmaceuticals or glucose solutions in a variety of sizes and dosages. With Jouhsen Bundgens filling machines you can easily fill small and medium batch sizes of bags and bottles (50 to 5,000 units) with capacities of 20 to 5,000 ml. The machines can be easily modified to fill either bottles or bags. We also develop and build efficient machines to fill syringes of all standard sizes – from 1 to 60 ml.

 When developing our filling machines we always consider where they will be located. Jouhsen Bundgens machines are suitable for class A clean rooms. We comply with GMP and FDA standards to ensure a sterile filling process. As one of our services, we are also happy to offer you a reliable IQ/OQ inspection including full documentation. GMP documentation for your machine is required for use in the clean room. We also validate the software for the filling machines according to a checklist – of course, in conformity with FDA standards.

 Another big advantage of Jouhsen Bundgens filling machines is their compact size: They only require little space in your clean room. In addition, the machines are flexible and can be adapted to different containers – depending on the required height, size or seal.

We are also happy to develop special-purpose machines that are tailored exactly to your requirements. Be it the number of stations, filling of special bottles or containers, or feed-in or feed-out units to magazine the parts – we can adapt the filling machines to your needs.