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  • Optimized PrecisionGrind PG6: accelerated production process 27.03.2019  

    The proven precision grinding machine PrecisionGrind PG6 has been redesigned. It features a new saddle close to the grind stone that allows the machine to now also process short blanks in the required length. Workpieces no longer have to be cut to length after grinding. As a result, this further optimizes the entire production process. read more

    Process speeds of up to 600 parts per minute possible

    The PrecisionGrind PG6 has long been a tried-and-tested solution for finishing needle points quickly and precisely. The new saddle now also makes it possible to process shorter blanks, as the parts can be positioned more accurately as they are fed in. The machine is capable of process speeds of up to 600 parts per minute in a continuous grinding process. To achieve this, a transport wheel separates the blanks from the magazine and precisely positions them axially. The blanks are transferred to the transport unit before being conveyed precisely along the grind stone. By processing the blanks directly in the required length, the machine removes the need to cut the workpieces to length after grinding. This accelerates the whole process and reduces error rates.

    Easy to use thanks to clear design

    The PG6 has much more to offer than just stable and robust processing, however. It has a clear design and is accessible from all sides. The machine’s simple and precise control elements make it easy to adjust the length and shape of the points as well as the process speed. This makes it possible to accurately set the grind stone itself and the speed of the grind stone and transport. The machine speed is infinitely adjustable and the grinding material can be varied to achieve different surface finishes.

    Inform yourself about the technical data for the PG6 in our product sheet.

  • Wire 2018: High-tech wire processing leads to excellent results 06.03.2018  

    Visit us at Wire in Düsseldorf from April 16 to 20, 2018 (hall 11, stand 11G51). Here we will welcome you with our latest solutions for straightening and cutting wire, as well as for end machining. Jouhsen will present our modified PrecisionCut UD2 with a rotary straightener with nozzles for materials with sensitive surfaces, along with the new PrecisionShape EB9 for end-machining like chamfering See for yourself how high speed and short changeover times can achieve excellent results and increase the efficiency of your production. read more

    PrecisionCut UD2 – For wires with sensitive surfaces

    The proven PrecisionCut UD2 straightening and cutting machine is now suitable for an even wider range of uses. It can be fitted with an optional rotary straightener with nozzles. The special shape of this straightening unit makes it possible to carefully process wires with highly sensitive surfaces by significantly reducing the friction between the wire and the straightener. One of the UD2’s characteristic features is the flexible module system, which allows users to attach a range of additional straightening units. This ensures high flexibility with short changeover times. The machine can therefore be used for a wide range of materials. It can efficiently process materials with different strengths, surfaces and diameters. Depending on the version, the UD2 is suitable for short and long sections of 5 to 4,000 millimeters, and for wire diameters between 0.05 and 4 millimeters. The maximum stroke rate is 500 rpm.

    PrecisionShape EB9 – For fast and simple machining

    The PrecisionShape EB9 is the perfect machine when it comes to machining parts that have been straightened and cut to length. The new machine lets users process parts measuring 4-10 millimeters in diameter and 50-150 millimeters at both ends. To machine the ends of rods, axles or shafts, the EB9 has a pair of processing heads that enable fast and flexible tool insertion via a HSK holder. The EB9’s mechanical drive system makes it a cost-effective solution that is easy to handle, service and retool.

    We look forward to seeing you at Wire: April 16 - 20, 2018 in Düsseldorf, hall 11, stand 11G51.

  • Jouhsen Bundgens develops new system for stamping and grinding surgical needles 04.11.2016  

    Jouhsen Bundgens has developed a special solution for stamping and grinding surgical needles. What makes this needle stamping and grinding machine special is its integrated production system. This means the entire process runs without any intervention from the operator, while servo-aided grinding processes ensure high reproducibility. The machine enables cost-effective production of medium to large batches of surgical needles. read more

    Stamping triangular needles

    An eccentric press stamps the body of the inserted wire sections into triangular needles, and conveys them to a transfer system. The first and second side of a needle are each ground at two CNC-controlled stations: first rough grinding and then fine. The final side is then ground at a further station.

  • Jouhsen Bundgens invests in cutting-edge manufacturing technology from Hermle 21.09.2016  

    Bring on the next challenge! With the new 5-axis milling machine from Hermle, Jouhsen Bundgens is equipped for the future. Its gantry design makes the milling machine highly precise and offers the best conditions for hard milling. read more

    Precisely milling hardened materials

    The Hermle machine stands out thanks to its high precision, and is perfect for processing hardened materials. Another plus point is that the modern central clamping system removes the need to re-clamp the workpiece during processing.

    This leads to some interesting advantages for the user:

    - high-precision parts manufacturing secured for the long term

    - high spare parts availability

    - precise reproducibility

  • Wire 2016: High precision wire straightening and cutting with the PrecisionCut UD2 and MJC9 08.03.2016  

    Come along and visit us from 4th to 8th April at Wire in Düsseldorf (Hall 11, Booth G51). We will be presenting our solutions for the high-precision production of wire cut offs: the PrecisionCut UD2 with a flexible modular straightener system as well as the PrecisionCut MJC9 for precise short sections. You can increase the efficiency of your production with our machines thanks to very high speeds and short changeover times. Come and see for yourself! read more

    PrecisionCut UD2 – for wire and small stainless steel bars

    The straightening and cutting machine PrecisionCut UD2 is designed as a flexible modular system: The possibility to use different sizes of straighteners on one machine, warrant short changeover times for a wide range of applications. As a result manufacturers can produce materials with varying material strengths and diameters very economically. The UD2 is suitable to produce short and long bars from 5 to 4,000 millimetres as well as to run wire diameters in the range 0.05 to 4 mm. The rigid machine design achieves an output performance of maximal 500 parts per minute.

    PrecisionCut MJC9 – application for precise rectangular short cut offs

    With the PrecisionCut MJC9, Jouhsen-bündgens offers the wire industry a machine concept optimised for the manufacturing of precise, rectangular, short cut offs at high speeds: up to 600 parts per minute with lengths of 1.5 x d up to 70 mm. The cut off system in the MJC machine is working with a “bush-bush” system, which realises in combination with the exact infeed rectangular and bur free cut offs . Users can process wires with diameters between 3.5 and 9.3 millimetres.

    We look forward to see you on our booth at the Wire show: 4th-8th April in Düsseldorf, Hall 11, Booth G51.

    Further details can be found in our product brochures:

    PrecisionCut UD

    PresicionCut MJC